Specialist services

This page allows you to compare units. Click on the units you want to compare and you will see a list of the specialist services offered.

Obstetric Consultant-led
Alongside / Co-located MLU
Stand-alone / Free-standing MLU
Access to specialist mental health support
Women's psychologist service
Maternal and Fetal medicine antenatal clinic appointments
Fetal Medicine Department and Clinic
Fetal Medicine Specialists
Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic EPAC
Early pregnancy assessment diagnostic and treatment services
Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with facilities for parents to stay
Obstetric antenatal clinic
Fetal Diagnostic Services
Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Support
Healthy lifestyle clinics to support women with a raised Body Mass Index (BMI) including dietetic and exercise support
Vunerable adults clinic
Fetal service for genetics, cardiology and surgical conditions
Birth Reflections - a Midwifery led support service for women who have had previous traumatic pregnancy and birth experiences
Multiple pregnancy specialist / Link Midwife
Support for women who have had previous traumatic births
Fetal medicine treatment services
Maternal Medicine Specialist Team
Early pregnancy assessment, diagnostic and treatment services including 7 day ultrasound scan assessment
On-site access to IAPT services- Improving Access to Psychological Therapy
Fetal Medicine Doctors
Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
Diabetes Specialist / Link Midwife
Drug & Alcohol Support
Clinic for women with a history of previous loss early pregnancy
Bereavement Service
Teenage pregnancy support
Raised Body Mass Index (BMI) Support
Support for women who have had caesarean section but want a natural birth
Alternative pain relief
Postnatal ward with the opportunity for partner to stay over
Epidural Service
Stop smoking service

All hospitals have doctors / obstetricians who can share some of the care for women who are seen in fetal medicine. The Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) at Newcastle has a specific fetal medicine department that covers the most complex pregnancies where fetal medicine involvement is required. For some women their care will be centred at the RVI because of their baby’s needs. All the hospitals in the region work together to support mothers and babies with complex illnesses.